How To Know When You Need Help With Hair Loss

How To Know When You Need Help With Hair Loss product photo
Posted By: The Bald Company on 6 Jun 2018

One of the most common questions we get at The Bald Company is "How do I know if I need help"? So we've put together a summary guide of the signs to be aware of. If you're showing any of these symptoms or patterns you need to start the Losing To Win program.

1. You wake up every day worrying about losing your hair

This is extremely common when not long after waking up your thoughts turn to the state of your hair.  You consciously and subconsciously study the state of your hairline when you get out of bed and feel the thickness when you’re in the shower.  Your day has barely got underway and your concerns regarding your hairline have already started taking up too much of your precious time.

2. You spend time every day preparing your hair so people won’t notice that you’re losing it

Having already spent time in the morning considering the state of your thinning hair, you start to preen and adjust the hair that you do have in a way that you tell yourself, will prevent people from noticing.  This can involve comb-over style coverage or curling bits of hair to cover the receding parts.  In some cases you use special products to increase the appearance of hair thickness, all in a bid to fool the world around you, who – here’s the spoiler – don’t care that you’re losing it.

3. You don’t want to even talk about losing your hair because it makes you feel uncomfortable

When you’re trying to hide something from yourself and the people around you, the last thing you want to do is talk about it.  Talking about what you’re experiencing will make it all too real and you’re not ready for that.

4. You’re spending money on hair loss treatments that are only postponing the inevitable

You are spending hundreds even thousands of dollars every couple of months trying to cure something that can’t be cured.  You work hard for your money but you are throwing your hard earned cash out the window which is damaging your self-esteem and your bank balance.

5. You are scared about losing your hair and you just don’t know what to do

Losing your hair is scary.  We get it.  To make matters worse you are surrounded by an industry that knows that you’re scared and wants to make you feel even more scared until you give them lots of money.  It is a confusing and disorientating place.  A lot of fear stems from the unknown and it is this fear that we address in detail.

6. You have been searching for a miracle cure to hair loss and realize there are none

Oh what a depressing journey it is. Experimental treatments in Russia, stem cell treatment, transplants from other parts of your body, volcanic ash, massaging head wear, oil extracts, vitamins, hardcore pharmaceuticals, power of positive thinking and worship of pagan gods but NOTHING is growing your hair back or restoring your confidence.  You were about to give up, but now you know there is hope.

7. You avoid activities where people are more likely to notice that you are losing your hair

Swimming on a hot day sounds like a great idea doesn’t it but you don’t want to take the risk of having wet hair which exposes just how thin your hair is.  You might be invited to the fun event but you don’t go because you won’t be allowed to wear a hat and that is just too intimidating for you right now.  Life gets really difficult when you start making excuses to protect the illusion that you have a full head of hair.  This is very common but it causes so much unnecessary misery.  Life is short and you want to be saying yes to everything.  We can help.

8. One of your biggest fears is that your friends or colleagues will notice your hair loss and think less of you

You have spent your whole life cultivating a certain image and you identify with that image and ONLY that image.  Realizing that you’re losing your hair has made you feel like you are slowly turning into a worse version of yourself.  Not only that, you fear that when your friends, family and colleagues notice they will think less of you.  Life is about to get better but you haven’t realized that yet.

9. You believe that you can’t have any success in life without hair

Alongside your fear of people thinking less of you is your concern that you can’t be successful without your hair.  You can’t imagine a world in the future that you are successful without the hair that you were so used to.

10. Hair loss has damaged your confidence in key areas of your life such as business, relationships, sex and socializing

Not surprisingly, when you fear that life is getting harder with every additional hair that you lose, then you are not projecting a very confident version of yourself.  This lack of confidence has started to creep into other areas of your life as you tell yourself that people are less attracted to you, less likely to want to work with you, sleep with you or anything else that wouldn’t have happened if you still had your hair.

11. You want your life to go back to what it was like before you started to lose your hair

You fantasize about what life was like before you started losing your hair and are convinced that everything would be so much easier if you just weren’t losing your hair.  Since discovering that your hair is thinning, you have felt nothing but resentment and anger at why this has happened to you.

12. Any time you see a reflection of yourself you automatically default to focusing on your hair loss

Hair loss has already dominated too much of your life, to the point that you can’t even catch a reflection of yourself without studying how your hair looks, where your hairline is at or if you’re doing the best job possible of disguising your circumstance. 

13. You wear hats to every event to disguise your hair loss

A very common symptom from someone not ready to confront the fact that they’re losing their hair.  Hats have crept into your daily fashion decisions and any event where it is inappropriate to wear a hat, like a wedding or a formal dinner, creates extra anxiety for you because it means you will be exposed.

14. You haven’t lost your hair yet but it’s one of your greatest fears

You have a beautiful mane of hair which shows no signs of receding….yet, you fear the day when you wake up and have a few fallen strands on your pillow.  The thought alone makes your throat tighten and stomach churn because you would not know how to operate in a world where your hair was anything but something to be marvelled at.  Our book is essential reading for the countless number of people with this concern for the future of their hair.

15. You are living your life differently to how you would live it with a full head of hair

You make small decisions based on whether you can wear a hat, whether you will be more exposed to the possibility that people will notice you are losing your hair.  Your hair loss has really started to affect your ability to make decisions and negatively impact on the way you would have lived your life if you still had a full head of hair.  This needs to change.

16. Someone very close to you is losing their hair and you want to be able to help

Losing your hair can be a deeply personal and sensitive experience for many people and as a concerned onlooker, it can be difficult to sit on the sidelines and know how to help someone who is struggling.  Our book is d3esigned to assist anyone that is struggling with hair loss and also provides any reader with a concise understanding of what people are going through.  It is required education for everyone.

17. You’re sick of feeling sad

Ever since you realized you were losing your hair, something has been off.  Your self-esteem and confidence have both been under attack and all your searching for a miracle cure has left you feeling hopeless. You are sick of feeling like a second rate version of yourself and you don’t want to be afraid anymore.