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Losing To Win (Digital Access)

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Losing To Win is the ultimate guide to hair loss. This book is designed to be read by every person out there who is struggling with losing their hair, regardless of their age or stage in life. Written by a team familiar with the pain and struggle associated with hair loss, the solution addresses the key elements of what makes hair loss traumatic and provides a road map to overcome every obstacle that hair loss has presented in your life.

If you are sick of feeling sorry for yourself and stressing about hair loss then this book is for you. This book is a departure from the miracle cures that waste peoples time and money and presents real solutions to make you feel fantastic and conquer hair loss forever.

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This book made all the issues in my head so much smaller and I felt like I was really understood.

Reviewed by Jimmy
Highly recommend

i would recommend this book to anyone who is losing their hair.

Reviewed by Sid
Great help

This really helped me feel better about my hair loss. Worth reading if you're feeling lost and not sure what to do.

Reviewed by David


  1. You wake up every day worrying about losing your hair.

  2. You spend time every day preparing your hair so people won’t notice that you’re losing it.

  3. You don’t want to even talk about losing your hair because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

  4. You're spending money on hair loss treatments that are only postponing the inevitable.

  5. You are scared about losing your hair and you just don’t know what to do.
You have been searching for a miracle cure to hair loss and realize there are none.

  7. You avoid activities where people are more likely to notice that you are losing your hair.

  8. One of your biggest fears is that your friends or colleagues will notice your hair loss and think less of you.

  9. You believe that you can't have any success in life without hair.

  10. Hair loss has damaged your confidence in key areas of your life such as business, relationships, sex and socializing.

  11. You want your life to go back to what it was like before you started to lose your hair.

  12. Any time you see a reflection of yourself you automatically default to focusing on your hair loss.

  13. You wear hats to every event to disguise your hair loss.

  14. You haven't lost your hair yet but it's one of your greatest fears.

  15. You are living your life differently to how you would live it with a full head of hair.
  16. Someone very close to you is losing their hair and you want to be able to help. 

  17. You’re sick of feeling sad.